Okay, a brief history of my tattoos - it's pretty boring, but hey, this is my page! The first one (Green Man) is a recent one, the others were all done over 20 years ago, but I'm leaving them on here as a record (cos at least one of them is now covered up!).

Green Man (click to see pic)
I've been waiting for this one for a couple of years now, but I've been waiting to find someone who was right for the job. And that someone turned out to be Tom, at Global Tattoos on the Wirral. It took a couple of months for us to agree on a design, and I knew we were on the right track as I watched Tom getting excited about the tattoo (it always gives you confidence if your tattooist is interested in what he's doing!). He then persuaded me that it would be a good idea to get the tat done at the Manchester Tattoo Convention. As the day got closer I started to feel a little worried, but on the day I actually enjoyed the fact that I could sit down and watch the people passing by whilst having my tattoo done. Even if it did take 6 and a half hours (it was a big tattoo!), I didn't think I could sit for that long and I have to admit the last half an hour was a bit of a trial, but the end result is more than worth it - it's fabulous! We entered it for the best on the day prize, but sadly didn't win. But despite coveting those glass trophies, I still came away from the show with a brilliant tattoo, so I didn't lose anything!
Tom is already designing the next part of the tattoo, I'm not going to ruin the suprise, but keep watching and you'll be able to see the next part of the masterplan! PS excuse the slightly stunned expression and dragged through a hedge backwards look, but I don't look my best after 6 and a half hours of tattooing!

The rest of the tattoos are the old ones, the medusa is now covered up by the green man, and the dead woman on my back will be covered up by my next project. Sadly they haven't stood the test of time, and after 20-odd years really need something doing with them!

Medusa (click to see pic)
My first "proper" tattoo (my very first was an ankh, done by my husband before we were married). My husband has had tattoos for years, but they were very basic and rough, and although I really wanted one, I decided to wait until I found an artist I could trust. Well eventually I found that artist - Pete Grey, who has done tats on some of my friends, and when my husband came home with one I knew I'd found the "right person" to do that first tat. After browsing through his books, I found this stylised Medusa and it "spoke to me"!!! The legend of the beautiful maiden who dared to vie in beauty with the goddess Minerva, whose hair was changed into hissing serpents and could turn any living thing to stone just by looking at it - yup, that was right up my street! (The fact that I had a 10 foot boa constrictor at the time might have influenced me somewhat.......).
I enjoyed the experience far more than I thought I would - the pain is almost enjoyable, and is part of the whole process of permanently marking the skin (if you knew what a wimp I am where pain is concerned, you'd realise how significant this is to me!).

Flaming Skull (click to see pic)
Or should it be "flamin' 'ell, she didn't get one of those archetypal biker tats, did she?" Well, yes I did, and damned pleased with it I am too! Okay, so it's not very original, and probably brands me as the "biker chick from hell" for all time, but then again, how do you know I'm not :-) Again, it was the right tat at the right time, and even though I can't really explain the reasoning behind it it was, and still is, right for me.

Celtic Band (click to see pic)
These are really popular, and with good reason - the designs, simple yet complicated at the same time, are damned attractive, even if you don't have the Celtic heritage (I know that really pisses some people off, but IMHO if you have to have a personal heritage to have a tattoo, there would be a lot less cyborg killing naked amazon tats out there). Of course, being me I had to be different, so after having a chat with Pete, we decided to do the band over my shoulder rather than round my arm. A bit harder to do, but worth the effort.

Bat (click to see pic)
Yup, yet another cliche - the black bat. But again, right for me. Apart from loving the little critters, it fits in with the "goth" theme quite nicely. Eventually I'm going to get something done around it, maybe roses and thorns (with blood).

The Dead Woman (click to see pic)
Well that's what everyone at work calls it - yeuch, you've got a dead woman on your back! It doesn't show very well in the pic, but it's, well, a dead woman in a coffin surrounded by demons peeping out from around. It's a comic book picture that my husband found, and I fell in love with it instantly - very much an image of beautiful death surrounded by not so beautiful death. This one showed me my pain threshold - 2 hours of doing the lines was about my limit. Once that had healed, the 2 hours doing the colour wasn't half as bad - the lines are always the worst!



Okay, piercings - don't expect any rude pics, you won't see any here!

Ears (click to see pic)
So, everyone's first pierce? Yup, mine too. At the local hairdresser with a gun (shudder!), when I was 15 (good grief, that was 1980!). My mum took me, and my dad went mad (you're too young etc etc). Don't know how he noticed - he didn't notice I'd bleached half my hair until someone pointed it out to him! Anyway, you know what it's like once you've had one piercing done - within 12 months I had 3 piercings in each ear, which were done at home with a sewing needle, and went very manky (cheap earrings!!!). Eventually I let them close up and Pete (my tattooist) re-did them for me. Unfortunately they are very close to the edge of my ear, as Pete wouldn't pierce through cartiledge, so although I want to stretch them, it's pretty much impossible. You youngsters, see how hard it was back then to get this sort of thing done - no high street piercing shops in those days!!!! I now have four piercings in each ear, and a cart pierce in my left ear (done by myself - I wouldn't recommend this to anyone but I was going through a pretty bad time, and this made me feel better. Don't laugh - it worked for me).

Nose (click to see pic)
I first had my nose pierced back in the mists of time (well, over 26 years ago!). I went to the local hairdresser and asked her to pierce it (yes, with the gun - eek!). I was fine, the hairdresser fainted. Of course, all my mates wanted one too, and eventually the poor hairdresser had to refuse to do anymore - she was mentally scarred for life! I had a lot of trouble with it, as I didn't realise at the time that I am allergic to gold, and of course I had a gold stud. lus I had to remove it when I was at home - if my father hated the ear piercing, imagine what he would have said about a nose one (it wasn't like today when everyone has one done!). I had it re-pierced once, then gave up on it after a couple of years. Once it had healed, I had it pierced again (properly this time!) and it is now the best of my piercings, I can leave the ring out during the week when I'm at work and put it back in at the weekend with no problems at all.

Navel (click to see pic)
My first venture into non-ear or nose related piercing. Great fun, and whoever said navel pierces have no erotic appeal must be dead in the vital organs!

Had to pluck up the courage for this one - thanks to the very friendly people in rec.arts.bodyart for persuading me I had nothing to fear (in fact, I've just found the emails about this, I had this done in November 1996!). This has got to be the best pierce I've had, both the experience (thanks to the people at Body Decor in Liverpool) and the day to day living with the pierce. The first week was the worst - the bottom ball irritated the bottom of my mouth and was quite painful. After a week I switched to a shorter barbell, and I haven't lokoed back! The only trouble I have ever had is if I get really run down, when I'm prone to mouth ulcers and inevitably get one right under the barbell. But they go after a few days, and I can always do with losing a bit of weight!

Nipple (sorry, no pics!!!)
Yes, just the one, and likely to stay that way! This one HURT, big time!! OK, so the excruciating pain only lasted a few seconds, but those seconds can seem like hours (especially when you forget to breathe - oops!). I've since been told that nipple piercings don't hurt for women, but I really beg to differ! I'd like to get the other one done to see if the experience is any different, but I'm not that brave.

Lip (pics coming soon)
I realised that life has become so much easier nowadays (listen to the old-timer!!!). Now you can buy plastic retainers for piercings to keep them open, even over the internet (I never was very good with fishing line!), essential for someone who cannot wear facial piercings for work. And there are a lot of good piercers around out there (there were always good ones, but they were few and far between). So I finally got round to getting my lip done. Thanks to Bodz in Liverpool, an excellent service and great people.
And now my other half has decided I'm going through a mid-life crisis, a few weeks ago when I was visiting Tom to discuss the Green Man project, I got Steve to pierce my lip again. Apparently that's the sign of a mid-life crisis. Bothered? Me? What do you think :-)




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