Boleskine Cemetery, Scotland

Situated overlooking Loch Ness in Scotland, Boleskine is of course famous for its former part-time resident, Aleister Crowley. The old church has been reused as a burial enclosure for the Fraser family.

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house - 51.2K Crowley's former house
mem1 - 51.2K Memorial to Phillip Affleck Fraser Esq
mem2 - 55.6K Memorial to Archibald McDonald, better known as the bard Gille Na Ciotaig
mem3 - 84K Grave of John Anderson, friend of Robert Burns
mem4 - 55.5K  
mon1 - 30.5K  
mon2 - 55.7K  
mon3 - 37.1K  
sign - 21.7K  
view1 - 48.7K  
view2 - 57.9K  


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