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Welcome to pharmcat's Cemetery Photos page. Clicking on the links will take you to the separate pages - all pics are in jpg format.

Please note - all these original photos and images are the property of pharmcat. If you wish to use any of them for any purpose, please email pharmcat to ask permission. I usually don;t people using the pics, as long as I am asked first, and credited for them. They may not be used for any commercial purposes or distributed in any medium without prior written consent. Many thanks.

Please note, these pictures are fairly low resolution due to bandwidth issues.


Overleigh Cemetery, Chester, England
Boleskine Cemetery, Scotland
Chapel Yard Cemetery, Inverness, Scotland
Altered Images........
Elgin Cathedral, Scotland
Flaybrick Hill, England
Infrared Photos
Kinloss Abbey, Scotland
Tomnahurich Cemetery, Inverness, Scotland
St Tudno's, Llandudno
Emblems of Mortality


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