Chapel Yard Cemetery, Inverness, Scotland

This is situated on the site of a medieval priory. In common with a lot of Scottish cemeteries with graves dating from the 18th century, the stones have figures of skull and crossbones, hourglasses and shovels. A monk at Pluscarden Abbey told me this was because they were a pretty morbid lot around that time - the skull and crossbones signified the person was dead, shovels and spades represented the digging of the grave, and the hourglass was a reminder that your time will come!

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mem1 - 70.7K mem2 - 85.6K mem3 - 57.4K
mem4 - 55.4K mem5 - 56K mem6 - 59.7K
mon1 - 53.6K mon2 - 49.1K mon3 - 52.4K
mon4 - 44K mon5 - 57K stone1 - 55.8K
stone2 - 47.2K tomb1 - 56.8K tomb2 - 67.6K
tomb3 - 55.2K tomb4 - 42K tomb5 - 55.3K


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