Flaybrick Hill Cemetery , Wirral, England

The cemetery is built in front of Bidston Hill, with a view straight down to the centre of Birkenhead. Most of the Laird family (of shipbuilding fame), with the exception of John and William, are buried in Flaybrick. There are also memorials here for the WIlliamsons (of the Cunard shipping company), the Jacksons (Sir William Jackson brought Paxton to Birkenhead to design Birkenhead Park, which was the inspiration for Central Park in New York), Isaac Roberts the astronomer, and Arthur Doodson, inventor of the Tide Predicting Machine.

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angel Angels, Cherubs, Figures


angfl1 - 53.7K angfl5 - 57.1K angfl6 - 43.6K
angfl7 - 38.3K apflan1 - 33.7K apflan2 - 37.2K
apflan3 - 43.9K apflan4 - 47.8K apflan5 - 45.9K
apflan8 - 49.6K apflan9 - 42.9K apflan11 - 51.8K
apflan12 - 57K apflan13 - 62K apflan18 - 45.7K
apflan19 - 47.1K apflan20 - 54.4K flang2 - 58.4K
flang4 - 40.3K flang5 - 39.5K flang6 - 38.7K
flang7 - 42.9K flangel5 - 43.6K flangel8 - 42.6K
flangel16 - 34.4K flangel17 - 38.6K flangel19 - 41.5K
flangel21 - 21.2K flangel26 - 45.1K  


stone General Graves

flay14 - 36K flay20 - 38K stofl1 - 41K
stofl6 - 46.1K stofl7 - 35.1K  


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