Infra-Red Pics

Please remember these pictures are the property of pharmcat, and may not be distributed in any form without my prior consent.

My first attempt at infra-red pics. I was inspired by the brilliant work of Simon Marsden - if you want to see some really good pics, buy one of his books. The pics don't scan too well, but you can still see the effect.


irflay1.jpg - 31.9K

irflay2.jpg - 40.9K

irflay3.jpg - 45.6K

irflay4.jpg - 46.5K

irflay5.jpg - 45.5K

irflay6.jpg - 43.1K

irflay7.jpg - 43.8K

irflay8.jpg - 38.1K

irflay9.jpg - 32.2K

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