Overleigh Cemetery, Chester, England

A Victorian cemetery designed by T.M. Penson in 1848. Edward Langtry, husband of the "Jersey Lily" is buried here.
It is one of my favourite cemeteries - it only a 10 minute walk from the centre of Chester, yet it is so peaceful you can lose track of time wandering around. It is built on a small hill, so even though you are yards away from the main road, you can hardly hear the traffic, and at the highest point you can look out over the River Dee. Only this morning I found a part I haven't been to before - I had to scramble down a slope to reach it, but the beauty of the old stonesamongst the wild flowers and ivy is a sight worth seeing.

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angels Angels / Cherubs / Figures

Graves with angel group 25.2K
Figure 40K
Angel 38.3K
Angel2 33.3K
Angel3 33.4K


memorials Memorials

Memorial 25.6K Memorial to John Graham, Bishop of Chester. Born 25th February 1794, died 15th June 1865.
Memorial 2 34.7K  


general graves General Graves

Cherub 28.6K
Cross 32.2K
Scene 37K
Cross 33.3K
Sword 31.9K


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