Tomnahurich Cemetery, Inverness, Scotland

Tomnahurich (the hill of the yews) is a large cemetery, with a lot of the graves situated on the hillside. It is quite a walk to the top, where you will find a war memorial on the highest point. I suspect the view is worth seeing, however when I got to the top it was raining very heavily, so visibility was about 10 feet!
There are legends associated with this cemetery. The Gaelic adventurer-king Fionn escaped from an Irish king's enchantments by training his dog Bran to walk two of every species around the hill.
Also the 13th century seer Thomas the Rhymer rests here together with his men and his white horses, ready to rise again and save Scotland in her hour of need.
The Fairy Queen is reputed to hold her court here. She once paid two wandering fiddlers to entertain her guests for an evening, however she kept them for 200 years, though they only thought they had been there for one evening. When they were taken back to the hillside, they crumbled into dust - by eating the fairy food and drinking the fairy wine, they had fallen into her power.

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