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Black Lord of bale and fear, master of all confusion!
By thee, thy prophet saith,
New power is given to wizards after death,
And witches in corruption draw forbidden breath,
And weave such wild enchantment and illusion
As none but lamiae may use;
And through thy grace the charnelled corpses lose
Their horror, and nefandous loves are lighted
In noisome vaults long nighted
And vampires make their sacrifice to thee --
Disgorging blood as if great urns had poured
Their bright vermillion hoard
About the washed and weltering sarcophagi.

- Ludar's Litany to Thasaidon
from The Death of Ilalotha
Clark Ashton Smith


Gross Out Corner

Click HERE for the x-ray picture of my husband's arm after his motorbike accident! The white bar on the right is a metal plate held in with screws. This was taken before he had the bar removed. Unfortunately, he tried to move the washing machine for me and his arm snapped in two, so it's now plated again! Having banned him from two wheels, he bought a trike. And he managed to roll that and broke his arm again..... In a cunning plan I bought a kit car and leave it parked up against the garage doors so he can't get any of the bikes out...... ;-)



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